AUG '09 an African home

We met Elena and her friend with their babies in town.  With photos printed and framed as gifts, I tracked down the family some months later ... (left. Elena's story is repeated here from the home page to introduce what follows)

Now after half a dozen trips to the area and a number of visits, Elena's mom insists I come for lunch with the family ... (below, left)

The family is wonderful, well connected and gracious.  I'm instructed by their thoughtful hospitality; when asked if I had tasted and liked the local palm wine, I indicated that it was good.  They sent one of the children to buy some for me.

The children, some of whom are pictured below, are comfortable and generally well mannered. 

They relate well across generational lines and, as an associate remarked, "the kids are definitely not shy!"

  They sang songs for me then insisted I sing for them; we danced a bit and played with the camera till lunch was ready.

The slide shows are just a few of the many of pictures they graciously allowed me to take.  I'll print them all, nearly 500 for this trip, and deliver them in October '09.