Children's Day in Africa

We happened to be in São Tomé & Principe for Children's Day.  The principal at Almas Elementary school invited me to come and share in the day's festivities.  A São Toméan Coast Guard staffer I work with had been a student at Almas as a child; she came along for the day too. 

Children's Day in Sao Tome


On Children's Day in São Tomé, all the elementary schools begin the morning with a parade. We went a kilometer or so on the one well paved street, the kids sang at the top of their lungs. A party at the school followed. Absolutely wonderful children.  We provided balloons and candy for the occasion.

(left) ... then, I realized we'd met before; this is the little first grader that embraced me so warmly 6 months ago.  Climbed up into my arms again, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.  We sat together for awhile talking about toes and crayons and things.  (note the faces in the background!)

The slideshow here is of the one special day for the children at Almas Elementary School in Sao Tome.  The director invited me months before on the off chance I'd be in the country.  Had an absolutely wonderful time as the pictures show.  Particularly enjoyed the kids and their music; dancing was mostly jumping up and down in time to the music which they played really loud.