Nov 17, 2008
São Tomé & Principe

Almas Elementary School, Sao Tome & Principe

I had a brief opportunity this trip to visit the school at Almas and drop off some children's books (in Portuguese) and school supplies. The staff are fine folks who receive me warmly each time. 

Before traveling, I had the pictures from Children's Day printed, and delivered them to the school on Friday afternoon just before school let out.  Great fun for both the teachers and the children. 

Later the next week while meeting with the principal, I was pulled out in the schoolyard to the kitchen by one of the teachers.  It seems the kitchen staff wanted to get in on the picture fun. Great ladies, pictured here (at the end of the slide show, right) in the school's kitchen area. At home a few days later, we printed the pictures and mailed them off along with some more books. 

Books are a bit scarce there.  I couldn't find any books at all for sale in the city.