AUG '08 Nigeria

Aug 27, 2008
Lagos, Nigeria

My first time in Nigeria was an installation and training trip.  Little time to relax, 80 hour weeks, painful.  The Nigerian Navy folks we met were fine fellows, every one.  Gracious, thoughtful, generous, engaged in meaningful work.  It's a pleasure to work with them.  The city of Lagos is the venue for the whole effort so far.  We'll be further afield on subsequent trips once the locations for our equipment are finalized.  I hope to see the city of Abuja on the next time around, and perhaps meet a few folks. 

Getting around in the city of Lagos is a bit difficult; in the photo lower left, the view inside a bullet-proof vehicle.  It's the only embassy approved transport for us at the moment; sort of restricts your opportunities to meet people.

Despite the difficulties, and as with each new country one encounters, it's life-changing.  Your personal world view is challenged, if not shattered completely, by beginning to understand the life of a brother in a culture so different from your own.

Interesting things are happening in Nigeria; 1.6 million in the crowd shown left; these are beyond the areas to which I have access so far, but perhaps ...