JUN '08 Fishermen's Kids

On any village beach, fishermen labor.   Dugouts with sails leave early in the morning  en route to the fishing grounds.  They hope for marlin or tuna but only rarely return with a fish so large.  On a typical day, they'll have perhaps a kilo or two of smaller fish  to bring home late in the afternoon. 

(Photo, Left) A youngster carries her little brother as a matter of daily routine.  A common solution for child care needs while parents work, children care for their younger siblings for much of their lives.

On the village beach (above, right), fishermen labor to pull in a seine. From the shore, it takes a team effort to set and retrieve the seine.  Children collect the fingerlings that escape from the net.

(Slideshow)  On my last day before flying home, I stopped at a beach near the hotel for a few last photos.  As usual, the children take an interest.