Change-Makers and Help-Bringers

CHANGE MAKERS IN AFRICA:  it's encouraging to cross paths with folks who know how to help.

  • STeP Up Sao Tome is impressive.   They were first pointed out to me by our staff at the US Embassy for their effectiveness.  These are the folks I know now and with whom I've worked in Sao Tome.  If you'd like to contribute, this is the way to bless the families whose pictures you see on this site.  Ned Seligman (right) is the director and has been at it for decades, doing the grass roots work with his small staff.  Education programs, agricultural assistance, micro finance & small enterprise development.  My opinion?  They're effective and fully accountable. DONATE HERE
  • Casa Fiz do Mundo inspires me.  A selfless bunch of good folks, they've invested significantly of their lives and resources in making a difference.
  • Support the Poor, Inc.  Dr. Mary Wandia is from Kenya with a stunning story of her own, but her life is about helping others.  From her site, "The children who come to us have many needs. As always, hunger is the number one problem.
    Our feeding program started with just one child who approached ... and begged not for food but for education." Working in the communities and at the ground level (photo right), results are so encouraging.  Dr. Mary is on my short list of heroes.
  • World Vision remains at the top of my list of organizations that make a difference.  WV invests in the communities they help with workers living there for years; they understand what it takes to facilitate change.
  • Child Fund International is another organization that really helps; they do the long-term work, giving a hand up not just to children but the community also.  Take a look at how they do it.
  • BeyondBorders is admirable above so many other organizations for so many reasons.  If you're going to go to Haiti, these folks understand better than most.  Tony Campolo started this organization for work in Haiti decades ago.


  • The Salvation Army, of course, is magnificent.  They cover the world with great grace and have a history of sacrificial service.  They'll do better than most.
  • The Red Cross has both impressive crisis response capability and long-term assistance capabilities.  They're an excellent resource conduit to the point of need.

It's been years since our first introduction to Africa.  Now more than ever, we're aware that we can all be part of the solution.