School Project in Sao Tome - updates

NOV '08. My friend Pedro (in the picture right, on the right) has agreed to act as our agent in Sao Tome.  He's on staff at the U.S. consulate in
Sao Tome and well known to us. 

Pictured below, Hirondina who teaches 2nd grade and Valentim, the school's principal.  Focused, hardworking folks, they have little in the way of resources for the kids.  We've been trying to fill in some of the gaps over the last couple of years.

Some things like paper that the school needs are too heavy to ship from the states at reasonable cost, but they can be purchased locally, so Pedro will do the shopping and delivery for us.  He's agreed to take pictures at the school for us as well.

DEC '08.  We made the first wire transfer 11 Dec.  It's a convoluted process getting to the bank in Sao Tome, so we'll see how it works out.

JAN '09.  Here's Pedro's email and pictures from our first experiment in helping the school from here in the U.S.:

My friend Brian thanks to remember me.  But excuse me; I was so busy on wick before Christmas that why I am not sent you a message and photography of delivery.  The money get into my account on 17 of December it was around $ 487 USD and I use $400 to buy school supply, and Director told me that they planning to do the Christmas party for student on last they of Christmas holiday, and if I ken help him with a sum juice, so I use rest of the money to bay a 4 cases of juice for them.  I have a receipt to send to you.
I hope that you have a good Christmas and will have happy new yare
Do those donations more time because scull Director and Teacher is so heppy with help.

APR '09. We shipped school books, children's literature, and some flash cards for the classroom.  For filler in the box, we used bags of party balloons; they should be there in time for children's day in June.  Looks like our next time in country will be late June.  More to follow.

JAN & APR & JUN '10.  Books in Portuguese from Lisbon for the school.  Beautiful science encyclopedias, bible histories, animal encyclopedias, and practical bible study books the principal identified for us.  They use them in the classroom.

JUN '10 update: 350 books from 'In African Shoes' in process for he school.